Earthen Lamp is Five

We are currently celebrating our fifth anniversary. Over the last few months we have been highlighting our achievements and having a bit of fun too! Below is Earthen Lamp in numbers over five years. You may have also noticed our five year old selves staring back at you from the team page.


Over the next week, to celebrate our accomplishments thus far, clients past and present will receive a card in the post. For every one returned – after a little input from you – we will donate £5 to Children and the Arts, a wonderful charity giving disadvantaged young people access to the arts. We have always believed in the the transformative power of the arts. In fact, a new report Imagine Nation from the Cultural Learning Alliance has some interesting findings:


  • ‘Children who take part in arts activities in the home during their early years are ahead in reading and Maths at age nine.’
  • ‘Learning through arts and culture can improve attainment in Maths and English.’
  • ‘Young offenders who take part in arts activities are 18% less likely to re-offend.’
  • ‘Students from low-income families who engage in the arts at school are 20% more likely to vote as young adults.’
  • ‘Students from low-income families who engage in the arts at school are twice as likely to volunteer.’

Please tell us how we’re doing. How can we improve? Do you have any feedback on our services? Is there something we can help you with? Please post back, email or tweet your responses to us by Friday 24 February.

Thank you.