Market research and feasibility studies

Thinking about a new direction or audience?

We specialise in market research and feasibility studies, using our experience across the sector to find out more about your market and audiences and how best to reach them.

In addition to getting an overall understanding of current markets and customers, many projects we have undertaken have involved organisations and businesses making their first foray into market research with limited information about their current market place.

Evaluation and Impact assessments

Need to show your impact to funders and stakeholders?

We provide economic impact and audience evaluation to help you understand how projects have delivered against their original aims.

We specialise in designing and implementing appropriate evaluation mechanisms for projects and activities. Using a range of evaluation and consultation tools we measure the economic, social and artistic impact of cultural activities on the relevant population, and the organising partners.

Strategy development

Where are you going next?

Combining our knowledge of the sector with your vision and goals, we can deliver business plans and strategies with an honest assessment of your strengths, your market, audiences and customers.

We undertake consultation and a thorough investigation of the market and operations to devise business plans and strategies for the real world. We also devise research, marketing and audience development strategies.

Specialist training

Need a skills boost in social media, marketing or audience development?

We offer customised training packages for your organisation, from planning, right through to practice.

We work with experts in the field to deliver engaging training session and activities in social media, marketing, research and audience development. Previously, we have worked with staff teams in organisations, groups and consortia in delivering training.