“The report’s findings are hugely interesting”

Sarah Shalgosky, curator, University of Warwick.

University of Warwick Art Collection: Sculptures on campus


The University of Warwick owns over 900 artworks by some of the most exciting artists of the last 50 years, including Jack Bush, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, Bridget Riley, Richard Deacon, Catherine Yass, Glenn Ligon, and many others.

Type of work

Market Research


July 2017

The brief

Earthen Lamp was commissioned by the University of Warwick to undertake research about the outdoor art and sculptures on campus, with a sample of staff and students. The research aimed to find out about staff and students’ awareness and perception of the sculptures that form part of the University Art Collection.

The activity

The primary research carried out for this project focussed on using surveys and interviews to collect information from the students and staff members at the University of Warwick. Surveys and interview guides were devised by Earthen Lamp to respond to the objectives.

The outcome

Earthen Lamp’s research will feed into how the art collection, sculptures and sculpture trail are promoted and presented on campus.

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