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Church of England Birmingham Market Research


Church of England Birmingham (CofE) describe themselves as “a diverse and growing mix of people & places focused on growing churches at the heart of every community, seeking to share the love of Christ with all.”

Type of work

Market Research


October 2018- November 2019

The brief

The Communications Team at Church of England Birmingham commissioned Earthen Lamp to undertake research to inform their communications strategy so as to engage residents in the Birmingham area with Church of England activities.

Specifically, they wanted to gain better understanding of the interests and communication preferences of young residents that live in inner urban and outer housing estates in Birmingham.

The activity

This qualitative study involved Earthen Lamp setting up and facilitating discussions with individuals and young families from the four parishes of: Handsworth, Garrets Green, Rubery and Weoley Castle. These discussions focused on how individuals in each community spend their spare time and what interests them, as well as the best communication methods with which to engage with individuals from each area.

The outcome

Church of England Birmingham’s final strategy included recommendations taken from the market research about the best ways to communicate with each of the different communities. Additionally, the research enabled Earthen Lamp to shine a light on the sorts of activities that may appeal to each target group and develop their interaction with church activities.

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