Culture On Our High Streets

In September 2020 Arts Council England published two new reports into the benefit culture has for the high street.

The first report uses data from Ordnance Survey alongside survey data from ACE regularly funded organisations to determine the impact culture has on the high street.

You can download and read both reports via the download link below.

The second report looks at evidence that demonstrates culture’s role in revitalising the high street.

An investment in culture is an investment in our high streets. Theatres, music venues, museums and libraries are the beating hearts of their communities. They’re central to the social fabric and civic pride of towns across England. As well as events and performances for audiences of all ages, they provide a raft of local amenities from bars to bookshops, helping to bring our high streets alive, providing jobs and boosting the economy.

Dr Darren Henley, Chief Executive, Arts Council England