Victoria Barker
Research Associate

Victoria has 10 years’ experience in education, policy research and analysis, fundraising, and business development. She holds a Masters with Distinction from the University of Warwick and a PhD exploring cultural entrepreneurship.

Since 2011, Victoria has built up her research experience and contacts across the cultural and creative industries, and combines her reputation for candour and honesty with a dry sense of humour. For Earthen Lamp, Victoria’s methodical approach, clear writing style, innovative thinking and attention to detail have been beneficial in producing research reports, marketing plans and audience development strategies.

Curiously, Victoria does not consider herself an active person, but since 2011 has trekked to Everest Base Camp, learned to climb, ski, and kayak, qualified as a Mountain Leader, and run her first marathon. To offset all this, she also sets herself less athletic challenges – following / inventing new recipes, knitting and crochet, and indulging her voracious appetite for reading. Community-spirited, Victoria enjoys the range of people she meets through research work, and also volunteers for a local education charity.  She is a member of the Arts Marketing Association and a Fellow of the RSA.

Languages spoken include French.

A funny joke you recently heard?

What do you get if you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

I’m obsessed with… 

Planning, spreadsheets, context, and coffee

In my spare time I…

Run, crochet, volunteer for a local charity, read

What three things would you never leave the house without?

It’s never the same three things! Depends on whether I’m going up Ben Nevis or down to the shops

What are you currently reading?

‘Doughnut Economics’ by Kate Raworth’

What film/book (s) has influenced you the most?

The Shock Doctrine – Naomi Klein