Kat Pearson
Research Executive

Kat is a PhD student in the Department of Film and Television at the University of Warwick, and a member of the Centre for Television Histories. Her research evaluates the role of television in terms of placemaking and reputational change across the three UK Cities of Culture (Derry/Londonderry, Hull, and Coventry), and considers the role of the television archive in this.

Kat’s PhD is a Collaborative Doctoral Award, co-supervised by the Media Archive for Central England (MACE) and Illuminations production company, and her wider work uses television archives for community outreach. Kat has collaborated with MACE to use their collections for screenings online and in Coventry, and for exhibitions. Kat was also research assistant on Coventry Cathedral: Building for New Britain which was made by Illuminations and broadcast on BBC4 in June 2021. This reflects her interest in brutalism and twentieth century architecture and built on her MA in Conservation of the Historic Environment from Birmingham City University.

Outside of her research interests, Kat has been a trustee for Moseley Road Baths CIO since it was formed in 2018. She also plays bike polo and is the Chair of Birmingham Hardcourt Bike Polo Association.

A funny joke you recently heard?

Why did the puma like the other puma? Because it had a good sense of puma.

I’m obsessed with… 

brutalist architecture

In my spare time I…

play bike polo

What three things would you never leave the house without?

Phone, purse, lip balm

What are you currently reading?

Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History Michel- Rolph Trouillot

What film/book (s) has influenced you the most?