Earthen Lamp welcomes Bo Kelestyn to the team

A wearer of many hats Bo is involved in research, educational design and teaching. Bo enjoys moving across a portfolio of projects and is currently working on an idea for a platform to connect researchers, students and local organisations to exchange expertise, time and data for creating social change and more visibility for research. Her research background is in evaluating and monitoring the impact of educational programmes. Bo has an MSc and a PhD in digital innovation from Warwick Business School, specialising in the scaling of digital ventures. Bo is passionate about entrepreneurship, creativity and design thinking which she teaches across several departments at the University of Warwick.


How did you first hear about Earthen Lamp?

I have heard so much about Vish and her work from various colleagues at Warwick University. She is the most connected yet authentic person I know and has always been someone I wanted to work with and learn from. When an opportunity to collaborate on a module came up, I took it without hesitation. It was through working together on an entrepreneurship module that I got to learn more about Earthen Lamp and the incredible reputation that Vish and the team have built up.


What are you most looking forward to being part of the Earthen Lamp team?

I am really excited to be working with and supporting organisations in Coventry as part of Coventry 2021! I have been connected to the area for a few years through my studies and work at Warwick University, and have really fallen in love with the city and the people that live and work here. Through Earthen Lamp I get to meet so many different people and teams. I have been blown away by their work and commitment to transforming local communities. It’s especially rewarding to be joining Earthen Lamp because of this. I have received such a warm welcome from the Earthen Lamp team. I am looking forward to be working with them and of course all those cake meetings!


What are your favourite art forms/ your hobbies outside work?

Outside of work I like to learn about different ways to express and teach creativity. I have recently started taking piano lessons and currently on a mission to learn Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I am also really interested in design thinking, so in between experimenting with creativity, wishing I was Freddie Mercury, (and an occasional workout), you are most likely to find me with some sort of a book on design and a pile of post its.